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Welcome to InazumaElevenForEver
This club is for all people who are fans of Inazuma Eleven C:
Everyone of you can join, that means if you want!
So...can't wait to see you on my site! I want to see this club grows with your awesome works and also members!

And here are the information:

How you can join?

Joining is really simple
Then you watch the club and make the Club-icon on your site!
So that everyone can see that you are in this Club!
Now you are a super special member of this club
if you dunno how to write the icon then just :icon inazumaelevenforever:  without spaces then you got :iconinazumaelevenforever:  8DD

How you can submit your art or FanFictions on this site?

- Just contribute to the right folder about what. It can be anything you like.
- Do not Post pictures that dosenīt belong to you!!!! (otherwise itīs a collab then give credit to the artist!)
- Screenshots are actually not allowed but Iīll accept them anyway.

Any rules?
The rules are very simple!

Be nice to the others
Donīt bash against other artists!
Inazuma Pictures of various other sides are not allowed to post here otherwise itīs a Wallpaper or a Signature

And here the most important rule:

Have fun!
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Submitted on
November 30, 2012